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Utz Wedding || Wheeling, WV

The prettiest church we've ever shot in, one of the most unique reception venues, and a beautiful late October day made for a perfect wedding!

Megan and her girls were running so good on time that we actually caught them leaving the hair salon as we pulled in! So instead of grabbing any photos in the salon, we headed to the church, which was only two minutes away. Here's one of those 'wedding photographer' moments that makes this job fun: we were in the church basement without accessible windows, so we had to improvise for the shots of Megan's mom helping her get ready.

Amanda and I moved 2 tables and I was able to get rid of a kitchen counter in post. No matter where were are, I will get you the images you want!

We saw the party bus pull in with all the guys, and I'm going to take a quote from the best man's speech and say that Megan and Corey had a small army of a wedding party. Over 20 people in the wedding party, but somehow they fit themselves onto the alter to stand next to Megan and Corey. <3

After the ceremony, we grabbed some family photos in front of the church and then headed next door to a small park where we did the rest of the formals! Look at that wedding party, you guys! Holy moly. I love that they had that many friends and loved ones there to stand next to them as they said 'I do'! They've been together a long time, so their friends have been waiting for this day.

Usually I have the guys lift the groom, and the girls saw that and wanted to lift Megan... and rocked it! Also, I just need to brag on this wedding party for going with the flow! There were so many of them, and we still managed to get some amazing shots. Including of on the bridesmaids who hopped on one foot to get the 'wedding party walking' photo -- she was in a wheel chair for an injury and still went for it!

You might remember Corey and Megan's engagement photos, considering they included 2 very cute bulldogs! We took a photo at their engagement session that had their wedding date on a sign -- well, they almost had to change their wedding date last minute. Megan was texting me just weeks before their wedding because their original venues were no longer able to have their wedding. Come on, 2020, what else can you throw at us??

But, I think they were able to make the best of it! We were at River City in Wheeling, WV for their reception, and it was such a cool space. We also got to work with a great set of vendors while we were there.

We need to talk about their reception details because their cupcake table absolutely rocked my world. It's too much-- I'm obsessed.

They had some great entrances, and I'll include some of my favorites here! And the first dance was just *chef's kiss*. Throw in some open dancing and an open bar and you've got a recipe for an amazing party all night.

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Utz!!



Makeup (Bride):

Makeup (Bridesmaids): Macenzie Coffield


Bridesmaid Dresses:




Reception Venue:

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