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Mrs. and Mrs. Bramer || Oglebay Wedding

October has been so kind to us this year, and I'm so glad it brought us into contact with Emily and Derrick! They are two of the nicest, most genuine people I've had to pleasure of working with. Let's dive into their wedding day!

We arrived at Oglebay bright and early at 8am on 10.10 for Emily and Derrick's wedding at 10:10 am. Fun fact: they had their first date on 10.10.18 -- they got pumpkin spice lattes together that morning! We arrived at their hotel rooms and shot a few images of them getting ready. Their timeline was beyond perfect -- everyone was ready with around an hour to spare! So, Emily got to sit in her room alone and read the sweetest letter from her soon-to-be.

Derrick and the groomsmen headed off to the ceremony location, and we hung out with the girls and their families while we waited for the trolley to come get us and move us to the alter!

The ceremony location was absolutely stunning. Oglebay has some really unique and interesting wedding locations -- there were four different weddings the day we were there. Because the Bramer wedding was earlier in the day than the other 3, we got to see the setups waiting for the other couples.

Their wedding party and parents came down these beautiful stairs to the path to the alter, and then Emily and Derrick met at the front of the aisle. Emily hired a violinist, and beautiful music accompanied their walk to join each other.

Emily and Derrick are now Mr. and Mrs. Bramer! Family photos, bridal party, and their formals were next. You'll see how stunning this fall day was-- and perfect weather! While Emily and Derrick are both from around here, they met in Florida where they are currently living. Coming back to PA in October meant they were taking a chance on the weather, but it worked in their favor.

Emily attended college in Florida and Derrick is currently in the process of becoming a chiropractor. They will be moving back to West Virginia once Derrick finishes his schooling.

They also have matching tattoos! We had to get a photo of them together... and speaking of needing to photograph things, we had a special moment happen. We were just walking through the grass, and Emily spotted a praying mantis! She picked that baby right up and let it crawl up her arm. Later, during one of the maid of honor speeches, it was mentioned that "Emily never met an animal she didn't want to interact with." I believe it! :)

Seriously, it was just a beautiful day all around! Their reception was brunch themed, and they had a breakfast bar! They also had one of the most fun and creative first dances we've ever seen-- as I heard all day, Emily loves to dance everywhere and anywhere.

They finished their wedding with a little dancing, including with the parents! It was a beautiful wedding all around with two beautiful families. Congratulations, Derrick and Emily!


Florist and Cake: DJ and Violinist:


Hair and Makeup:


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