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Mr. and Mrs. Zaney

Some weddings just really remind me why what we do is so special... this was one of those weddings.

When Christa and Taylor contacted me about their wedding, Amanda immediately texted me (she sees all the messages that come through) that we absolutely had to take the wedding because Taylor is her cousin. So we knew we were walking into a wedding where we were going to know quite a few people. I think that's partly what made this day so magical: Amanda got to see her family (which hasn't been easy in 2020), we were at Christa's family campground, and there was something fairy-tale like about the fall atmosphere.

When we got to Virginia's Beach Campground, we went to check in on the girls, who were getting ready in suuuch a cute space. They were doing great and were right on time, so Amanda went on over to the guy's cabin to see what they were up to. I snapped some photos of the girls getting ready, and then headed over to say hi to the guys myself.

When I finally made my way over to the guys, I realized we actually knew that best man! (Hi Shawn!) It took me a minute to figure out who he was, since I hadn't seen him since high school, but then I placed him. Spoiler Alert: The same thing happened to us at the wedding after this one.

Since everyone was doing well getting ready, we headed up to the ceremony location and I about died. Talk about a photographer's dream.

While I tried to control myself over the perfect location, guests started to file in and it was quickly time to jump into the ceremony! Amanda and I were wondering who was going to preform the ceremony, and then we noticed Taylor's sister, Rhianna, wearing a microphone.

In an absolutely perfect ceremony, Taylor's sister married Christa and Taylor in front of the people who are closest to them.

The locations for formal photos were beyond what we could have asked for in late October. I seriously don't think we could have asked for better tones-- even as overcast as it was, everything just looked perfect.

Are you getting forest-fairy vibes or what? So stinking beautiful. I should also mention that it was freezing, so the girls are really going for it without the shawls. If you look close enough, you might even see goosebumps! Everyone was a rockstar for going without a coat.

Since we actually knew the bride and groom this time, I'm sneaking a photo of us into the blog! Note: I'm in a heavy down jacket looking like an egg and still freezing, but the bridal party was just going with it! What superstars.

Between being on the beach and enchanted forest we had to work with, I was in heaven. And the reception area was just as pretty!

I also would like to give a shout out to their DJ, Lake Erie Events, for keeping the party going all night! As we were leaving, I think I heard someone say they'd asked him to stay longer. Everyone was having a blast. We drove away to the sound of fireworks, ending a perfect evening. But first, check out how much fun was being had!

And you know I always love to sneak out around sunset to grab a final photo or two for the night... and it was magic. Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Zaney!!

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