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Mr. and Mrs. Roberts

Our last big wedding of 2020 really sent us off with a bang...

We headed to the Barn at Everthine on Halloween, a new venue for us! As per usual, I headed off the get ready with the girls, and Amanda went to find the guys and see what they were up to. I think these buildings might take the cake for prettiest getting ready spaces this year.

Do you see the mini golf?? So much fun. And the house the women had to get ready in was so bright and beautiful. Aimee read a letter from Josh, and then her dad got to see her in her dress for the first time. Then I got to meet up with Amanda again down at the ceremony location and see the beautiful fall ceremony set up.

We didn't actually get to meet Josh and Aimee before the wedding, so the first time I saw Josh was when he was walking down the isle! Lol. So many strange situations happening this year. They had to move their date once because of everything going on, so we were a new vendor for them!

They had a gorgeous day for their wedding, and the best Halloween sunset I've seen in years. I love their rustic ceremony set up with the added sand ceremony. Aaaand I love the cowboy hats.

I love getting to check out new formal photo locations -- the cute location combined with the fall sunset created an absolutely stunning atmosphere for these formal photos.

We had some extra time, so we were able to head to the reception early! Their DJ was totally fine moving their introduction up a little bit, so they got to enjoy more of their reception! Check out these details.

Time for reception fun!! I thought one of the cutest touches to this wedding was the fact that they did a bridal party dance. They called the party up to the dance floor to dance to the Friends theme song. So no one told you life was gonna be this way... clap clap clap clap clap. Then it was open dancing and fun fun fun. They tossed a garter, and the woman who caught it had never caught a garter before and didn't know what was coming. Too funny. Check out the photos below.

And like usual, I will leave you with some candid photos from the night! Congratulations, Aimee and Josh!

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