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Mr. and Mrs. Pulcini

You're about to see how much fun Nikki and Dom's wedding was. Holy crap, I was cracking up going through their wedding album. I actually didn't attend their wedding (I was shooting Christine and Andrew's wedding the same day). It was the first wedding our shooter Amanda took on on her own, and she absolutely hit it out of the park. Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Pulcini!

It was sort of funny that this was the first wedding that Amanda took on without me, because all of the locations sort of related back to me. They got married in Nikki's parent's backyard, which is just a few doors down from my grandparents, did their formals at the Strope farm (my extended family's farm) and had their reception across the street from my parents' house. But like I said, Amanda hit it out of the park.

When Amanda got to Nikki's parents' house, everyone was getting ready and the laughter never stopped. Nikki had gifts for some of the special people in her life, and we made sure to capture them being opened-- Dom even wore the watch she gifted him for the rest of the day.

Their ceremony was in the backyard, and super laid back! Their closest family and friends gathered to watch Nikki and Dom say 'I Do,' and the party started there. Their daughter, Fallyn, and their niece, Everleigh, were the flower girls. Ev never made it down the isle, and Fallyn needed a little help from dad to figure out where to go after she ran out of flower petals, but they finally made it. Once they were pronounced married, Nikki did a little dance.

Oh! And you might notice that Nikki walked down the isle without any flowers. Her grandmother had them because she was afraid she was going to loose them. LOL.

They did family formals on the property right after the ceremony. They have a huge family, so I'm just going to highlight some of the shots here, but just check these out. Nikki's Dad helped set up all the bike shots. How fun!!

Then it was time to head over to the Strope farm for bridal party photos! It was a beautiful September day, and we couldn't have asked for better weather. Per Amanda, "The bridal party was BEYOND fun and laid back and literally up for whatever Dom and Nikki wanted and I wanted." What more could we ask for?? I'm going to share some of the photos that really show their personalities!

"Then I was alone with them and they are literally the most laid back people ever and will do just about whatever. I love them. Then she wanted the chicken picture, he wanted a picture with his truck that he is very proud of. Then we were off. Fallyn was not having it as this point but we snagged a few cute pictures." - Amanda

I just loved the surprise of editing these photos without knowing what to expect. The formals between the bride and groom are my favorite part of a wedding day, and these photos did not disappoint. <3

And then it was time for the real party to begin! They headed over to the community center and got ready to dance the night away. Also, can we just talk about how stunning their cake was!? I'm obsessed.

Que the dances. Fallyn joined them at the end of their first dance, wanting in on the action.

And then the garter! I was cracking up editing these-- I didn't know what was coming! I don't know exactly what Nikki hid in the garter, but what a great surprise ;)

Notice Fallyn coming in at the end to see what was going on? It was time to dance after that! Congratulations, Nikki and Dom! We wish you guys all the love and happiness in the world.


Dress- One Enchanted Evening

Suits - Tuxedo Junction

Flowers - Rita Milocich

Ring - Kay’s

Cake - signature desserts

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