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Mr. and Mrs. Davido || PointBreezeway

We all know that weddings look a bit different right now, and we're embracing whatever 2020 decides to throw at us. For Victoria and Kyle, that was reducing their 100 person guest list to 8 and having a micro-wedding! Their original venue was This Is Red, where we will be next December for their reception.

Saturday, they had their micro-wedding at PointBreezeway in Pittsburgh, and it was one of my favorite venues to date. So much history has happened between the walls of what is now a wedding venue/house. Originally a barn built c. 1880, the space has been used as a speakeasy, a tea room, a grocery, and so much more.

For such a small wedding, the space felt perfect. Victoria and her mom went upstairs to get ready, and Kyle and his family hung out downstairs, where they were free to hang out inside or outside. The only people in attendance were Kyle's mom, dad, and brother; their officiate (also a family friend) and his wife; and Victoria's mom. Victoria's dad was also supposed to come up from Alabama with her mom, but they got hit by a hurricane and he needed to stay behind. Talk about a crazy year!!

Do you see how stinkin' cute this venue is? Ob.Sessed. And the backyard is just as charming-- that's where Kyle was waiting to see his bride for a first-look. I stuck Kyle in the corner of the yard and told Victoria to go tap her soon-to-be husband on the shoulder when she was ready.

Before I show you the photos, you should know that Victoria is hilarious. She was cracking me up all day. Kyle is a bit more reserved, and begged me "no funny pictures, please." Keep that in mind when you see these first-look images: they melt my heart.

Can't you just feel the happiness radiating off of them?! Love love love. They also brought their furry ring bearer, Alexander with them! He makes an appearance in quite a few of these photos, and I'm absolutely obsessed with him.

They decided to do their formals before the wedding ceremony since everyone was just hanging out, so we got right to it! Thankfully the weather was fantastic Saturday, so we were able to hang out in the back without sweating to death, or freezing our butts off. You never know what the end of September will be like.

Then it was time to set up and say their vows! The best man brought the ring-bearer down the aisle, and Victoria's mom walked her down to Kyle. They were both crying, which made Kyle cry, which made the officiant cry, which made everyone else cry! So heartfelt and real. Kyle and Victoria wrote their own vows, which were beautiful and authentic and some of the best I've ever heard.

From what I can tell Don, their officiant, nudged Kyle and Victoria to work together on a project at work (they're both engineers) and that's where the sparks flew. Don talked about Kyle and Victoria as people and thanked them for making him a better person. What a beautiful way to enter their marriage together.

As soon as they were announced husband and wife, Vicotria laughed as said, "Achievement Unlocked," and my nerdy heart exploded. Because there were only 8 people, plus Alexander, in attendance, they decided to forego first dances until next year, so it was time to cut the cake and have dinner! We went back inside to cut the cake, and you can really see how pretty PointBreezeway is behind them.

Victoria is my type of person: instead of just taking a bite of cake and setting it down, she finished the piece off! Yes, girl. Yes.

I was only at their wedding for two hours, so it was about time for me to head out. All in all, it was a beautiful, intimate wedding on a gorgeous September day. I'm going to leave this post with just a few more photos throughout the day. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Davido!!



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