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Mr. and Mrs. Bargiel \\ Backyard Pittsburgh Wedding

A rainy, cold day; changes plans; a day to remember forever.

When I got to Sara and Craig's house in Pittsburgh, I immediately felt the love. I stepped into the kitchen to let them know I'd arrived, and Sara's Godmother and Craig's future brother-in-law were prepping the food, trying to keep everything organized and put together. I heard laughter coming from down the hall where Sara and Katie were getting ready, and jokes coming from downstairs where the guys were.

I used this time to get detail shots, because holyyy smokes, they outdid themselves. What a beautiful backyard wedding!

It was raining all day, oscillating between hard rain and a steady drizzle. We didn't let that stop our party! A few umbrellas, heated pads on the chairs to keep everyone warm, and we were ready to rock and roll. Sara's mom walked her down the 'isle' and they met Craig, who was fighting tears all morning.

If we weren't all social distancing and staying apart, I would have given Craig and hug -- him and Sara are just so in love with each other. <3

A little bit of rain didn't slow them down one bit, but the magical part of their ceremony was the preplanned Apache wedding blessing: "Now you will feel no rain, for each of you will be shelter for the other. Now you will feel no cold, for each of you will be warmth to the other."

Then we had enough daylight left to grab some family photos, and some photos of Sara and Craig around their yard.

This day was absolutely perfect, and I cannot wait to link back up with them next year at Phipp's, their original venue. Here's to wedding season 2020!


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